Diogo Almeida is a professional APTA-associated Camera Assistant and Digital Imaging Technician based in Lisbon, Portugal, available for work worldwide.

Having joined the film and commercial industries in 2017, he has most recently been a part of various film and series productions such as After Everything (2023)Praxx (2022), Historias da Montanha (2023),Causa PrĂ³pria/Natural Law (2022), ad campaingns for brands like H&S, Vodafone,Nestle, Mimosa, Delta, LIDL and music videos for artists like Ya Levis and Neon Soho.

Formal Education:

He graduated with a bachelor's in Cinema from the Lisbon School of Theater and Film (ESTC), where he specialized in the branch of Cinematography. Having also had the opportunity to study at Centennial College's Story Arts Centre in Toronto, in the Broadcasting - Radio, Television, Film & Digital Media program as an exchange student.

In parallel to his formal education, he also gained valuable hands-on experience as a prep technician at Planar, a Lisbon-based camera rental house. Allowing him to develop proficiency and familiarity with all major equipment and general camera gear.